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Underneath everything we are,
underneath everything we do,
we are all people. 
Connected, Interdependent, United. 
And when we reach out a hand to one,
we influence the condition of all. 
That's what it means to




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Albemarle Area United Way
PO Box 293
Elizabeth City, NC 27907

Living United....


Results You Can See

Where your donations went to work

Emergency Assistance 46%
Youth Development 30%
Children & Families 17%
Health 7%


What happens to my contribution?

You support a network of 24 local human-service agencies and organizations working year round to bring about positive changes in 9 counties in the Albemarle Area.


Who decides where the money goes?

Volunteers from various segments of our community serve on the Allocation Committee that reviews funding requests.


How can I help people in my community?

You can make a difference in someone the life of our our own life.


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